Mastering VLOS operations with Wingtra

Do you want to make sure you’re flying your unmanned aerial system (UAS) within European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Here you’ll find a complete explanation of visual line of sight (VLOS), complete with a clear-up of some common misconceptions, especially related to flying with WingtraOne.

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Illustration of a surveyor flying with a Wingtra over a construction site within visual line of sight

What is VLOS?

According to EASA, VLOS means that the pilot is able to maintain continuous unaided visual contact with the UAS they are operating. 

This means the pilot can control the UAS flight path in relation to other aircraft, people and obstacles to avoid collisions.

Importance of VLOS

Enhanced safety and situational awareness

Diminished risk of collisions based on immediate response.

Streamlined regulations and compliance planning

Straightforward planning and execution of drone missions across Europe.

Scalability and flexibility of deployment

Scalable foundation for diverse drone operations without compromising data acquisition quality.

Wingtra for VLOS operations

Common misconceptions

Let’s break down the common misconceptions regarding VLOS operations.


In order to comply with VLOS regulations, operators must maintain a distance of 200 m or 500 m; beyond that, it is considered BVLOS.


VLOS’ definition by EASA does not mention a specific distance from the drone operator—it depends, however on the drone size and characteristics of the mapping area.


WingtraOne GEN II cannot fly more than 500 m without going beyond visual line of sight.


WingtraOne GEN II can fly up to 1.2 km while enabling visual line of sight for the pilot.

The future of VLOS is VTOL

Fixed-wing VTOL drones have emerged as uniquely positioned to meet and exceed VLOS operation requirements. 

They offer distinct advantages in terms of range, endurance, and operational efficiency.

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