No trade-offs with the WingtraOne: get the largest coverage even at low GSDs

In a recent flight, our team shows how surveyors can achieve an area coverage of 130 ha at GSD lower than 1 cm with the WingtraOne When it comes to the world of drone photogrammetry, trade-offs abound – something we at Wingtra have been committed to minimizing at every level. We have already discussed how the WingtraOne lets our users … Read More

WingtraPilot Release 1.6 – a Huge Step in Mission Planning

With November 2017, Wingtra brings our users a game changing software update. “The latest flight planning improvements will make a big difference for our customers. Especially those, who rely on WingtraOne for complex mapping and surveying missions in difficult terrain” – says Armin Ambühl, CTO of Wingtra. And that is true –  extended flight planning possibilities, simplified operations and increased safety … Read More

wingtra partners with pix4d

Pix4D Successfully Enrolled As an Official Wingtra Partner

Zurich, 17 October 2017: In a welcome move for professional drone users, VTOL drone company Wingtra announced its official partnership with Pix4D. With WingtraOne, Wingtra’s main product, fast emerging as an industry favorite for aerial data collection, this partnership with Pix4D is likely to augment its status with a full end-to-end solution including 2D map and 3D model construction from … Read More

Wingtra partners with Florida-based Lengemann Corporation to offer next generation-drone

Florida, 27 September 2017: Lengemann Corporation is one of the largest Topcon distributors of Machine Control, Lasers and Surveying equipment in the United States. With its new partnership with Wingtra, Lengemann is giving its customers access to the latest drone technology: “Our clients have high standards, so we have tested a lot of different drones. Only the WingtraOne could give … Read More

Wingtra​ ​partners​ ​with​ ​Kentucky-based​ ​Precision​ ​Capture​ ​to​ ​offer​ ​VTOL​ ​drone 

Kentucky, 20 September 2017: Precision Capture have been successfully delivering innovative solutions in 2D and 3D data capture, measurement and imagery for 25 years. With their new distribution partnership with Wingtra, Precision Capture is expanding their UAV offering: “The WingtraOne is the perfect extension of our UAV offering into the premium segment: it is as easy-to-use as a DJI drone, … Read More

Wingtra​ ​announces​ ​partnerships​ ​with​ ​resellers​ ​in​ ​China​ ​and​ ​the​ ​US

Combining the benefits of agile multirotors and high endurance fixed-wing aircrafts, the WingtraOne is swiftly emerging as the favourite choice of professional users for aerial data collection worldwide forming partnerships from China to US. Zurich, 22 August 2017: After being released earlier this year, the WingtraOne is now spreading its wings in international waters. First stop: US and China. “We … Read More