Wingtra Partner Program

The success of Wingtra and its customers depends squarely on our partners. 

Their growth and success is one and the same with ours. So we’ve developed a partner ecosystem to scale together—sharing capabilities and incentives that fuel success.

wingtraone partner program

Why become a partner


Join a network of recognized Wingtra partners; benefit from referrals and support. 

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Innovation leader

Wingtra is leading-edge technology—as a partner, you take on this reputation as well. 


Bring customers the best experience on the market, and get rewarded with higher margins!


Grow with us. This program taps into your company’s capabilities for maximum value add.

Discover your role at Wingtra

wingtra drone dealer

Wingtra Dealer

Dealers hold signed contracts with Wingtra and work directly with customers. They do demos, close deals and provide first-level support. They can only order products from distributors.


Wingtra dealers plug into the tier program without a big investment and gain the following:

Wingtra distributor

Since they provide products to dealers, distributors are dealers with added responsibility. Think of them as Wingtra’s logistical partners. They also work directly with customers, just like dealers.


Wingtra distributors gain responsibility AND reward, including the following:

Referral partner

A referral partner is someone appointed by a dealer to sell Wingtra equipment. They are enthusiastic ambassadors who recommend and share excitement about Wingtra with their contacts.


Wingtra referral partners make a name for themselves as leaders in the drone industry and get: 

Get involved and get rewarded

Are you motivated to join our program and achieve milestones for better margins that grow your business? Then we’d love to hear from you.
wingtra drone partner program

Our partners

RDO Wingtra partner
Sitech Wingtra partner
CR Kennedy Wingtra partner
Galileo Wingtra partner

Read what our partners have to say

Partner news

Wingtra LIDAR is here

Experience unmatched efficiency with user-friendliness and reliability.

Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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