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Pix4D Successfully Enrolled As an Official Wingtra Partner

In a welcome move for professional drone users, VTOL drone company Wingtra announced its official partnership with Pix4D. With WingtraOne, Wingtra’s main product, fast emerging as an industry favorite for aerial data collection, this partnership with Pix4D is likely to augment its status with a full end-to-end solution including 2D map and 3D model construction from aerial data. Pix4D’s entire software suite is now available to WingtraOne users, both directly and via Wingtra’s distributors.

“The bond between the companies was established long ago, and we finally made the decision to become official partners”, says Caroline Bailey, who is the Head of Sales, Europe at Pix4D. Leopold Flechsenberger – Sales Manager at Wingtra – adds, “We have always aimed at providing the best survey-grade aerial imagery to our users, so Pix4D was an obvious choice from the start.”

 Caroline Bailey and Leopold Flechsenberger seal the Wingtra and Pix4D partnership with a handshake
Caroline Bailey and Leopold Flechsenberger seal the Wingtra and Pix4D partnership with a handshake

Aerial Data Collection Made Efficient

Since its market entry earlier this year, Wingtra has caught the eye of professional drone users for bridging the gap between traditional multi-rotors and fixed-wings. The WingtraOne drone takes-off and lands vertically like conventional multirotors, but once in flight, the drone tilts forward to fly like a fixed-wing aircraft. Being able to carry heavy payload such as the Sony RX1RII, the drone offers a high accuracy, while covering an area of 980 acres (400 Ha) at 3cm/px GSD or the equivalent of 570 football fields. The product is already in use in Europe, China, US and Australia for applications ranging from surveying and precision agriculture to glacier monitoring.

Turning Information into Insight

Wingtra’s diverse user base is well complemented by Pix4D, whose product range is aimed at the surveying and agriculture industry, among others. Pix4D has long been the industry leader in allowing professionals to generate high-quality point clouds, orthomosaics, surface and terrain models from aerial imagery. Some of its popular offerings include Pix4D Mapper Pro for precisely georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models, and Pix4D AG for accurate reflectance and index maps (NDVI, NDRE).

Complete End-to-End Solution

With WingtraOne’s autonomous aerial data collection and Pix4D’s advanced data analysis capabilities offered as a single bundle, professional users can now expect an effortless plug and play solution. “We are keen on collaborating strongly in our upcoming events – actually we are meeting very soon already at UAV Expo in Las Vegas”, commented Bailey. “Wingtra is now offering a reduced price on WingtraOne drones, when bundled with Pix4Dmapper.”

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Wingtra develops, produces and commercializes high precision VTOL drones that collect survey-grade aerial data.

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Stephanie Lambert Wingtra
Stephanie Lambert
Head of Direct Sales at Wingtra
Josh Haga pix4D
Joshua Haga
Technical Sales Engineer at Pix4D
Aaron Fischer
Aaron Fischer
Technology Project Manager at Idaho Forest Group
Ryan Jones
Logyard Lead at Idaho Forest Group

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