Get fixed-wing coverage and data quality with the ease of VTOL. Plus all the services you need to as a professional.

The below prices are valid in the following US states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington,  Wyoming.


WingtraOne Bundle

  • Ground station, carrying sleeve and RGB or multispectral camera
  • Up to 210 ha (520ac) at 120m (400 feet) with 1.5cm/px (0.6in/px) resolution
  • Optional PPK module with down to 1 cm (0.4 in/px) absolute accuracy on hard surfaces
  • Email support included for free for 1 year
Depending on configuration
21,100- 31,900
  • Shipping and handling
  • Local taxes & import fees
  • Travel hardcase and optional accessories
  • Optional training and services provided by local distributor
Looking to get started at a lower price? See our Starter package with a coverage limit of 75 acres per flight or see if rental options are available for you.

WingtraOne Pro Bundle including RDO Services

  • Ground station, carrying sleeve, camera and full service package provided by trusted local dealer
  • Up to 210 ha (520ac) at 120m (400 feet) with 1.5cm/px (0.6in/px) resolution
  • Optional PPK module with down to 1cm absolute accuracy on hard surfaces
  • 1 Year RDO Fleet Shield Services Unlimited Phone Support
  • Certified hands-on onsite flight and data development training
  • Extra 60 day RDO "Promise" Warranty
  • Travel Hard Case
  • Pre-delivery system testing by RDO’s Certified Service Center
  • Shipping in the Continental U.S.​
Depending on configuration
26,000- 39,000
  • Shipping outside continental U.S.
  • Local taxes
  • Optional accessories

WingtraOne Enterprise Bundle

  • Bundle designed for users who need to minimise downtime in case of repairs and faults
  • Includes a replacement aircraft and a set of replacement parts to have redundancy of critical hardware in order to minimize down time
  • Consulting to purchase a post-processing solution that suits your use case
  • RX1 PPK configuration for maximum time efficiency and accuracy
  • Email support included for free for 1 year
Starts at
  • Shipping and handling
  • Local taxes & import fees
  • Optional training and services

Other Wingtra products

Warranty extension 2nd year (Beta)

Extends the WingtraOne Product Warranty to a 2nd year. Requires submission of flight logs & submission of video inspection of the hardware.
of equipment price
Depending on configuration 3,000 to 4,800 USD


Free replacement of up to one WingtraOne per year in case of a crash or user fault that is not covered by warranty.
  • Wingtra only replaces broken parts (e.g. wing) in case other parts are still functional (e.g. camera)
  • Currently only available for WingtraOnes during the first 2 years of operation

Remote training services

10 video consultations with an application specialist from Wingtra during a time period of 100 days.

This program is designed for customers who are new to drones and need consulting from a Wingtra application specialist to fully leverage drone data for their business.

Custom application consulting

Wingtra application specialist help you either on an ongoing basis or in a one time project covering topics outside of the scope of normal Wingtra product support.
  • Application consulting
  • Workflow consulting involving 3rd party base stations and/or software
  • Support regarding local coordinate systems
per month (3 hours)

one time (2 days)

Compliance & flight logs tool

Online compliance dashboard listing all flights of your fleet as well as flight log export for compliance purposes.
/ year

Partner products

Photogrammetry software

Pix4D software

Contact us to obtain a quote for other Pix4D software.

Drone insurance

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