WingtraOne: A Drone for Professional Mapping & Surveying

5 Reasons to Buy the WingtraOne

Greater Coverage

Flight time of up to 55 minutes

Coverage of up to 400ha at 3cm/px

10 times greater range than a quadcopter

No tilting mechanism, no unnecessary weight for full flight efficiency

Ease of Use

Easy survey planning with WingtraPilot

Fully autonomous – no piloting skills required

Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) – no searching for appropriate sites

Take-off and landing in confined spaces (e.g. forests), difficult terrains (eg: hilly areas) and rocky grounds (e.g. open-pit mines)

No flight training needed

High-End cameras

The best cameras for your application

 Wingtra camera Sony QX1Wingtra camera Sony RX1RIIWingtra camera Sony RX1RIIWingtra camera Micasense RedEdge
Professional entry bundle for hands-on surveyorsSophisticated bundle for 3D reconstruction specialistsBest quality bundle for the high-res aficionadoAdvanced bundle for precision farmers
Tech SpecsSony QX1 / 20mm lens APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 30mm, RGBSony QX1 / 15mm Voigtländer lens APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 22.5mm, RGBSony RX1RII / 35mm lens Full-frame sensor, 42 mega pixel, RGBMicasense RedEdge / 5.5mm lens 5 individual custom sensors, multispectral
Usage summaryProfessional mapping and surveyingProfessional mapping and surveying, 3D reconstructionProfessional mapping and surveying, forest and mountain reconstructionPrecision farming, plant analysis
Main quality featuresHigh image qualityBrilliant image quality, Largest coverage at limited flight altitude, flexible lens optionsBrilliant image quality, best coverage / GSD, low GSDHigh quality multispectral images
GSD Range1.4 - 25cm/px
0.6 - 9.8in/px
0.6-9.8 in/px
0.7 - 25cm/px
0.28 - 9.8in/px
6.7 - 50cm/px
2.6 - 19.7in/px
Coverageat 3cm/px / 1.18in/px
310 ha (at 141m flight altitude)
766 acres (at 463 feet flight altitude)
at 3cm/px / 1.18in/px
280 ha (at 106 m flight altitude)
692 acres (at 348 feet flight altitude)
at 3cm/px / 1.18in/px
390 ha (at 240m flight altitude)
964 acres (at 787 feet flight altitude)
at 8cm/px / 3.1in/px
140 ha (at 106m flight altitude)
346 acres (at 348 feet flight altitude)
Coverage at 100m / 328 feet220 ha (at 2.1cm/px)
544 acres (at 0.8in/px)
at 60% side overlap
260 ha (at 2.8cm/px)
642 acres (at 1.1in/px)
at 60% side overlap
170 ha (at 1.3cm/px)
420 acres (at 0.5in/px)
at 60% side overlap
120 ha (at 6.8cm/px)
297 acres (at 2.7in/px)
at 70% side overlap

Which RGB camera suits me best?

 Sony QX1
20mm lens
Sony QX1 15mm VoigtländerSony RX1RII 35mm lens
Best resolution (minimal GSD)

Overall image quality

Sensor quality

Lens quality

Coverage at specific GSD

Coverage at limited flight altitude

3D reconstruction



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Sample images

CameraSony QX1 / 20mm lens, APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixelSony QX1 / 15mm Voigtländer lens, APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixelSony RX1RII / 35mm lens, Full-frame sensor, 42 mega pixel
Low GSD imagesSony QX1 20mm Map Sample1.4cm/px
Sony QX 1 with Voigtländer 20mm Map Sample1.4cm/px
Sony RX1II0.7cm/px
Download sample imageQX1+20mm low GSD sample
(JPEG, 9.5MB)
QX1+15mm low GSD sample
(JPEG, 9.2MB)
RX1II low GSD sample
(JPEG, 33.7MB)
Images at 100m flight altitudeSony QX1 20mm Map Sample2.1cm/px
Sony QX 1 with Voigtländer 20mm Map Sample2.8cm/px
Sony RX1II1.3cm/px
Download sample imageQX1+20mm Sample
(JPEG, 8.1MB)
QX1+15mm Sample
RX1II Sample
(JPEG, 40.1MB)


WingtraPilot’s smart checklist ensures safe operations at any time

Vertical landing on the spot: No belly landings, no nets, no parachutes

Laser sensor for secure landing

High-end cameras always protected

Stabilized flight mode for secure manual handling


Formula 1 wing technology

High-performance electric motors capable of actuating a motor scooter

Same batteries that power a Tesla

High-end servos with titanium gear

High precision LIDAR sensor for stable landing

Most efficient propellers made out of premium German beech wood

Reflective bright orange coating to prevent prey bird attacks

WingtraOne Specs

Wingspan125cm (49in)
Weight (empty)3.6kg (7.9lbs)
Maximum Take-Off Weight4.4kg (9.7lbs)
Payload capacityup to 800g (1.8lbs)

Mission Planning SoftwareWingtraPilot
Take-Off and LandingVTOL, fully autonomous at GPS accuracy
Optimal Cruise Speed55km/h (34.2mph)
Wind ResistanceUp to 30km/h (18.6mph) during landing
45km/h (28mph) in cruise