Wingtra launches a more affordable PPK drone bundle

WingtraOne, QX1 payload and PPK module

The new WingtraOne QX1 PPK, high-accuracy bundle hits the market today, marking a response to high demand. Customers will enjoy a more affordable  VTOL PPK drone solution offering absolute accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in). Add to this the broadest available coverage at 120 m (400 ft)!

The Sony QX1 sensor coupled with a high-precision Septentrio GNSS receiver—provides a unique, accurate, broad-coverage solution, at a lower cost. Because it doesn’t face hard impact on belly landings, WingtraOne’s high-end payload, and your valuable data, is protected.

Two WingtraOne PPK bundles available for customers

The newly launched QX1 PPK bundle comes as a more affordable high-precision solution, offering down to 3 cm (1.2 in) absolute accuracy plus the broadest coverage at a 120 m (400 ft) altitude. In fact, WingtraOne QX1 PPK, with its 15 mm wide-angle lens, can cover up to 320 ha (790 ac) in one flight. Overall, we recommend this bundle for surveyors aiming at the broadest coverage and a more economical price point.

Wingtra’s flagship bundle includes a 42 MP Sony RX1R II full-frame payload, offering absolute accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in) and subcentimeter ground sample distance. This is our recommended high-end solution for those requiring survey-grade data accuracy and VTOL capability for their projects.

Swiss village 3D drone based on QX1 data
Swiss village 3D drone map based on QX1 data.

“The RX1R II payload, alone, costs around US$ 6,000,” said Leopold Flechsenberger, Head of Sales at Wingtra. “This impacts the cost of the bundle and, although it is an extremely powerful solution, we are excited to offer an option for customers with a range of project needs.”

Indeed, market pull prompted Wingtra to produce a solution that combines its high-quality components, robust engineering resources and exceptional customer care with a more affordable option that provides competitive absolute accuracy combined with the VTOL capability.

“Given the requirements of certain projects, customers have shown us that they need this bundle,” Flechsenberger said. “We believe it will be a go-to solution for prospective customers who have waited for a VTOL with these specific capabilities and this price point.”

While WingtraOne is priced as an inclusive bundlewith payload, software, base station and everything you need out of the boxbundles and prices depend on your specific needs. Please contact sales directly to get a quote.

WingtraOne drone landing along a road
The new bundle provides an economical option for customers needing the unique VTOL WingtraOne solution for projects requiring no more than 3 cm (1.2 in) absolute accuracy.

A well-integrated solution: Sony 15mm lens and Septentrio PPK GNSS receiver

Since WingtraOne made its market entry in 2017, it has featured “plug and play” integration with the Sony QX1 15 mm payload, which demonstrates exceptional performance for its 20 MP resolution.

Wingtra’s choice PPK GNSS receiver by Septentrio works with multiple signals, including L1/L2. Through rigorous internal testing, this receiver proved the most consistent and reliable in terms of correcting drone location data.

Blending these two top-quality components and integrating them with the engineering excellence Wingtra is known for, this new bundle aims to meet a strong market need. It not only provides solutions to industries increasingly turning to drones to get clearer views, but it also goes above and beyond to provide better accuracy and broader coverage per flight at prices that fall within budget.

To get exact WingtraOne QX1 PPK pricing information please contact the Wingtra sales team. The bundle will be available for shipping in the end of November 2019. Existing customers flying with the QX1 are eligible to upgrade to a PPK bundle.

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