It looks like you're using an older version of WingtraPilot

Starting with WingtraPilot 2.11, we’ve revamped our registration process with new features. If the screen you’re currently seeing in your WingtraPilot app matches the ones shown below, it’s time for an update!

Why is this important?

While it may require a bit more from you initially, this process will enable you to view and manage your licenses and get access to all Wingtra knowledge via one account. We want you to have the best experience, so we appreciate your participation in updating your software..

Are you a BLU customer?

If you purchased a BLU license for mapping projects for the US Department of Defense (DoD) and federal government agencies, please do not update to 2.11 yet and follow these instructions instead.  

For all other users, here’s how you can shift to the new version:
  1. Skip the registration process by choosing Remind me later  
Register your drone screen in the WingtraPilot app
  1. Skip the PPK activation screen by choosing Skip (Don’t worry you will be able to activate your PPK later)
Skip the PPK activation by choosing skip WingtraPilot app
  1. Make sure your tablet is connected to the internet (WiFi) 
  1. Go to Settings > Update > Download latest release version (2.11 or higher) 
Settings and update page within WingtraPilot
  1. Download the latest release
  2. Update WingtraPilot 
  3. Update WingtraOne—follow the steps described in WingtraPilot
Update WingtraOne steps within WingtraPilot

Activate your drone

Once the update is done, you will see a similar screen as the one below on WingtraPilot. Simply follow the provided instructions to create an account and activate your drone at

If you don’t see the screen, close and restart the WingtraPilot app. 

Activate a license

Register a drone

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