Remote ID will soon be a must-have: Here are five ways to stay compliant

WingtraOne GEN II and remote ID compliance

The drone industry has reached a milestone. Just like when cars were no longer allowed to drive without license plates, drones will soon be prohibited to fly without remote ID. In the states, this will be enforced on all drones in all situations from September 16th, 2023, onward. In Europe, from January 1st, 2024, all drone operations outside the open category will require remote ID. This is just one of the reasons we are urging customers flying the first-generation WingtraOne to upgrade to a GEN II. Have a look at the whole list below:

  1. Remote ID readiness. With the launch of Wingtra’s GEN II mapping drone, we future proofed the most efficient platform on the market with the capability to emit basic unit and operator information on the ground and in-flight, which satisfies upcoming regulations.
  2. Uptick in reliability. WingtraOne GEN II is the most industrialized version of a drone mapping platform that already demonstrated unparalleled efficiency and high-accuracy survey results. This means that the reliability of the system took a leap forward due to the optimized organization of components and generally more robust and reliable performance. In essence, this upgrade is an “ounce of prevention” to ensure seamless operations.
  3. Future-proof payload compatibility. Thanks to a heavy emphasis on customer-centric R&D, Wingtra regularly unveils mapping-centric payloads with features that ease workflows, save time and offer bulletproof reliability. All of this helps customers tackle more jobs, solve more challenges and achieve ROI, fast. GEN II is a direct reflection of this, demonstrating more robust performance and updated capacity to support three solutions-based sensors*:
  • The Oblique Sony a6100, which offers single-flight 3D data capture and stunning, lifelike outputs for powerful analytics
  • The MicaSense RedEdge Panchromatic, offering higher multispec accuracy, plus RGB insights from a single flight
  • The new hyper-efficient RGB61, which cuts field and processing time dramatically for data capture in tight time windows and fast project turnarounds

*Data from all of these payloads can be seamlessly supported by PPK.

4. The GEN II is on the United States Department of Defense Blue UAS approved list, which means it is pre-approved for government projects. Not only are users fast-tracked to projects that normally require extensive paperwork, but they’re also protected in cases where other systems are suddenly prohibited to use on these projects.

5. Wingtra offers special deals and promotions now, before the regulations kick in, to support customers to the maximum extent possible. Plus, if you already fly with RX1R II, the upgrade only involves the wing, since this is compatible with GEN II.

Again, remote ID is here to stay in the US and Europe starting in the next few months. Observers and regulators can request, receive and display the information via a mobile app, like OpenDroneID OSM. And they will. We don’t want you to miss any opportunities for projects or face downtime. So reach out to your dealer today, discuss your payload needs and get a quote for your upgrade.

Visit the RGB61 bundle page for more information about special offers. 

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