WEBINAR | recorded session

Trimble Business Center: Processing WingtraOne drone imagery

To learn more about the advantages of WingtraOne and TBC, watch this recorded session of the webinar, where experts cover the following:

  • Start-to-finish and export insights for a WingtraOne data-capture mission
  • Easy as drag-and-drop importing to visualize WingtraOne flight data within TBC
  • Processing WingtraOne flight data in TBC’s Aerial Photogrammetry module, including coordinate system management, tie-point extraction, and GCP matching
  • Creating surface models, orthomosaic images, point clouds, and more from the WingtraOne flight data in TBC


Francois Gervaix
Geospatial Project Manager at Wingtra
Jeff Ryan
Product Manager at Trimble
Joe Blecha
Market Manager at Trimble
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Photogrammetry to CAD workflow with WingtraOne and Pix4Dsurvey

How can you seamlessly integrated your photogrammetry data into a CAD surveying workflow?
In this webinar you will see:
  • Introduction to the WingtraOne drone
  • Data collection workflow
  • Extracting data and preparing for analysis
  • Introduction to Pix4Dsurvey
  • Data post-processing workflow—from photogrammetry to CAD

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