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The fastest mapping drone just got faster: Wingtra launches RGB61

WingtraOne GEN II with RGB61 payload

Building consistently on its customer-centric R&D reputation, Wingtra is proud to unveil the RGB61 payload. This sensor marks a leap forward for the entire drone mapping industry, as engineers have customized the Sony A7R Mark IV 61MP RGB camera to offer the most efficient, data-light UAV data solution on the market. All of this while offering seamless, in-app light-settings control, and reliable, ultra-high accuracy image capture with every flight.

“Because RGB61 allows you to capture 600 ha (1480 ac) in two flights, instead of three, and process 40 % less data for the same area, customers are going to be able to map large areas in tighter time windows, plus take on more projects due to dramatically faster turnaround times,” said Julian Mackern, Product Manager at Wingtra.

Imagine if you had a project that would take nine flight hours to cover before, and you could now do it in six but with roughly half the images to process. Because that is what you can do with this payload. All with richer image detail.

Julian Mackern 
Product Manager, Wingtra

Game changing efficiency plus better image quality

To optimize data capture efficiency and prevent distortion, RGB61 features a high-quality 24mm lens. Updated image quality helps identify key features on maps and enhances matching point identification in photogrammetry post-processing software. Plus, the payload is tightly integrated with the WingtraPilot, WingtraOne’s mission-planning app, for fine control in different light conditions.

“With this RGB61 integration, we offer customers a quick and intuitive way to make sure their images will be the best quality,” Mackern explained. “With the tap of a menu option in WingtraPilot, they choose the right camera settings for the light levels on the project site.” 

Enhanced contrast and saturation, plus in-app light settings control, give RGB61 users an edge when it comes to analysis.

The RGB61 is a continuation of Wingtra’s standard, offering leading-edge accuracy via integration with a high-quality PPK GNSS data correction system. I.e., customers will still achieve survey-grade results and sharp imagery from every WingtraOne GEN II VTOL fixed-wing drone flight, all with minimum ground control. And partnerships with leading companies like Propeller and Pix4D support the new level of resolution.

“Our customers work on sensitive projects like airports runway mapping and in projects where weather might constrict flight windows. So capturing large areas, fast, is key to saving money, keeping personnel safe and delivering timely results to stakeholders,” said Marcos Bayuelo, VP Product at Wingtra. “From flight to deliverables, the RGB61 provides them with exactly this—without compromise on accuracy or image quality. 

We’re excited and confident that this payload will offer our customers better project times, clear ROI and a serious business advantage.

Marcos Bayuelo 
VP Product, Wingtra

The RGB61 is compatible with the WingtraOne GEN II drone. Wingtra supports customers with deals and incentives to keep them on the leading edge of the technology and fully compliant with regulations. Customers flying pre-GEN II systems are encouraged to talk to local Wingtra partners or a Wingtra sales manager to explore upgrade options via wingtra.com/talk-to-sales.

Reserve your seat: RGB61 launch webinar with Pix4D
Join us for our upcoming launch webinar to hear exactly how the RGB61 is going to improve your data collection processes, with specialist insights from Wingtra & Pix4D experts.

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