Wingtra Release 1.9 brings in multilingual interface, a more rugged tablet and safety upgrades

WingtraPilot release .19

Full language support for Spanish, Chinese and Japanese customers, a rugged Samsung Tab Active2 tablet and flight behaviour advances improving takeoff safety that and more in the new Wingtra Release 1.9.

Use a tablet to withstand all environments

From now on, Wingtra gives you a possibility to upgrade your tablet to Samsung Tab Active2. This rugged business-class tablet was specifically designed for hardcore work environments like construction or surveying sites. Tab Active2 is water and dust resistant and has a replaceable battery for uninterrupted use on remote sites. The tablet also has a biometric security built in so that no one else but you could access your work projects.

Drone pilot software on tablet
Wingtra Release 1.9 introduces Tab Active2 support. This tablet is specifically made for outdoor environments

Plan drone missions in your mother tongue

With the 1.9 update, you will notice that the drone flight planning software WingtraPilot has a new shiny design with more intuitive navigation but not only that. From now on, if you come from China, Japan and any of the Spanish speaking countries, you will be able to access the WingtraPilot mission planning app in your mother tongue. So no more being lost in translation.

Drone flight planning multilingual
Fresh WingtraPilot app now also in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish
Intuitive app navigation for drone planning software
New WingtraPilot design also improves the app navigation

Be more confident on the field

When taking your drone out to the field, now more than ever you can stay confident that your missions will go through without a glitch. Release 1.9 introduces quite a few stability and safety improvements, especially those regarding the start of the mission.

Before the takeoff, now Wingtra drone performs automatic motor checks by spinning both motors separately. This procedure ensures that WingtraOne doesn’t take off with only one working motor. In addition, the magnetic field test checks for any magnetic interferences and the onboard battery is tested for imbalanced cells. In case of any irregularities, the takeoff of the drone would be prevented and you would not risk your mission success.

Drone motors check
Both motors spin separately just before takeoff. Takeoff would be aborted in case of failure
Drone magnetic field check
Magnetic field test ensures that there are no anomalies, which could interfere with drone operation

Context aware low battery RTH (return to home) function raises the safety level even higher. RTH takes distance to home, wind and transition altitude into consideration and triggers return to home manoeuvre before the battery is low. In other words, you will never have to worry about WingtraOne running out of battery once it’s still in the air — the drone will safely come back to the takeoff point well before it happens.

Drone magnetic field check
Magnetic field test ensures that there are no anomalies, which could interfere with drone operation

Because of these major stability and safety improvements, WingtraTeam recommends the 1.9 release as a critical update for all users.

The WingtraPilot and WingtraOne release 1.9 will become available for users as of October 25, 2018.

Release Notes

Wingtra 1.9 – October 2018

  • New safety features before takeoff:
    • Smart motor check: Both motors are spinning separately just before takeoff. Takeoff would be aborted in case of failure
    • In case of magnetic interference or imbalanced battery cells, WingtraOne warns the the user and refuses to take off.
  • Safety critical reliability improvements
  • WingtraPilot available now in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish
  • WingtraPilot support for high-end tablet Samsung Tab Active2
  • Automated check for completeness of flight data after landing
  • New UI design of WingtraPilot
  • Location search functionality for online and offline maps
  • Situation-aware low-battery RTH (Return-to-Home): Depending on planned transition altitude, the distance to home and the wind conditions, WingtraOne will come home earlier or later
  • Low-battery RTH is not triggered automatically when in Assisted Mode
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

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