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WingtraOne announces enhanced data compatibility with Trimble Business Center

Since the latest Wingtra software release,* surveyors and geospatial professionals can now directly import WingtraOne drone data into Trimble® Business Center (TBC). A complete survey and construction office software, TBC enables field-to-finish workflows with confidence. The new integration seamlessly combines WingtraOne high-accuracy drone data within TBC, optimizing drone mapping workflows for survey and construction projects within a single software platform.

“It’s a solid step forward to enable our data to work smoothly with Trimble Business Center,” said Francois Gervaix, Wingtra’s geospatial expert. “TBC is a reference software in the industry, because of its success as a data hub for construction and geospatial workflows. Optimizing the workflow lets TBC users smoothly integrate data from the fastest drone data capture platform on the market—WingtraOne.”

The enhanced capabilities benefit both WingtraOne and Trimble customers by enabling a simple drag and drop of data into the software suite. Automated point cloud tools, such as classification and feature extraction, can then be used to quickly generate surface models, topographic plans and as-built deliverables.

Trimble Business Center and WingtraOne drone data output on screen
Plan and 3D view of a 70 ha (173 ac) half-residential, half-rural landscape. TBC’s automatic point cloud classification of ground, vegetation and roofs delivers a realistic, accurate and up-to-date overview of the development project.

This latest Wingtra software release that introduced JobXML (TBC file format) compatibility also brought various other product updates. Namely, high-altitude flight capabilities, longer flight times and more intuitive battery level readings in-flight.

WingtraOne is becoming the go-to drone for survey and mapping professionals seeking both high-accuracy data and broad coverage for large-scale, professional projects. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) feature allows it to take off and land smoothly in confined and rough terrain. Since it doesn’t face hard impacts on landing, it can carry higher-end cameras. It’s RX1R II payload and multi-frequency PPK module, specifically, allow for drone survey absolute accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in) while maintaining a standard of broad coverage that fixed-wings are known for.

*This information applies to WingtraPilot v1.11 + WingtraHub 0.6.0 and beyond.

Webinar | Recorded session

Trimble Business Center: Processing WingtraOne drone imagery

To learn more about the advantages of WingtraOne and TBC, watch this webinar, where experts cover the following:
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