webinar wingtra micasense
WEBINAR | recorded session

Collecting and understanding high-accuracy multispectral data in research

WingtraOne GEN II brings new payload integrations to the market via Micasense Altum and RedEdge payloads that capture with PPK integration to deliver superb quality data with precision.

Together with Agisoft Metashape, which is our recommended solution for processing multispectral imagery, this bundle is perfect for applications in research; environmental studies and protection; agriculture, and water management sectors to name a few.

webinar wingtra micasense

What this webinar is about

  • Collecting high-resolution data over large areas with WingtraOne GEN II
  • Chris’ expert researcher experience in the field with the Wingtra bundle
  • Micasense Altum and RedEdge—how to get the most out of each sensor
  • Processing multispectral data in Agisoft Metashape
  • Live Q&A
Vaibhav Sawhney
Product Manager at Wingtra
Drew Baustian
Business Development Manager at MicaSense
Alexey Pasumansky
Head of Technical Support at Agisoft
Chris Strasbaugh
Director of Learning Technologies at The Ohio State University College of Engineering

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