Idaho Forest Group stockpile volume
WEBINAR | recorded session

[Webinar] How Idaho Forest Group cut stockpile measurement time by 80%

Streamlining lumber yard surveys with drone data and photogrammetry.

Idaho Forest Group (IFG) is one of the US’s largest lumber producers, with capacity for over one billion board feet per year and markets around the globe. To calculate and manage materials, they have used a range of surveying methods.

Idaho Forest Group stockpile volume

What this webinar is about

Their current choice, the WingtraOne surveying and mapping drone and Pix4D post processing software, helped them cut the required measurement time by 80 percent and saved them around 50 man hours a week. It has also set a new standard for accuracy around lumber stockpile surveys.

How did they do it, and what are their ongoing experiences? We will discuss this directly with Aaron Fischer and Ryan Jones from Idaho Forest Group.

  • Learn the WingtraOne and Pix4D basics
  • Get to know how Idaho Forest Group successfully cut stockpile measurement time by 80%
  • Understand how stockpile measurement is done efficiently with WingtraOne and Pix4D
  • Talk directly to our customers! Aaron and Ryan from IFG will be present in the webinar and will share their experiences in a live interview
  • Ask questions: we will have a Q&A session in the end
Stephanie Lambert
Head of Direct Sales at Wingtra
Joshua Haga
Technical Sales Engineer at Pix4D
Aaron Fischer
Technology Project Manager at Idaho Forest Group
Ryan Jones
Logyard Lead at Idaho Forest Group

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