[Webinar] Wingtra Extended Services

Wingtra Extended Services is a range of offerings created to help you fly safer, extract the data you need, and cover maintenance or broken equipment.

Just imagine that you never need to worry about your equipment again, and you are even guaranteed a new WingtraOne drone bundle every two to four years for a flat yearly fee.

Powered by RDO Equipment Co., our largest distributor in the US, we will explore the service offerings and answer all your questions.

Discussed in this webinar:
  • VTOL WingtraOne drone
  • Wingtra Extended Services overview and available service options
  • Real world examples
  • Q&A


Trent Casi
Key Account Executive at Wingtra
William Edmonson
National Positioning Sales Manager at RDO Equipment Co.
Justina Kostinaite
Head of Marketing at Wingtra

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