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[Webinar] How to create 3D models with WingtraOne and Bentley's ContextCapture

What survey mission settings are important in terms of collecting high-resolution aerial data with a drone? How do you prepare this data for post-processing? And how do you create realistic 3D meshes that offer the insights you need?

bentley webinar blog (1)

What this webinar is about

In this webinar we will talk about when it’s right to choose the WingtraOne drone and Bentley’s ContextCapture for your survey photogrammetry workflow. Specifically, we will go through the steps of high-quality data collection, post-processing and analysis.

Special thanks to DRONE by NETIS and BE-CAD for sharing their WingtraOne topographic dataset for urbanism and road studies.

  • Why WingtraOne and ContextCapture
  • High resolution aerial data collection with WingtraOne
  • Extracting data and preparing for analysis
  • Feeding the data to ContextCapture
  • WingtraOne drone data analysis with ContextCapture
Justina Kostinaite
Head of Marketing @ Wingtra
Matthieu Lefebvre
Sales & Business Development Manager at Wingtra
Lucas Gigodot
Application Engineer @ Bentley Systems

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