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[Webinar] Streamline drone operations over large sites with Wingtra and DroneDeploy


What this webinar is about

Mine planners, construction site managers and administrators have an intense job of keeping it all together, especially if they’re dealing with large sites, where traditional surveying equipment falls short. Drones come in handy and help coordinate the previously slow and exhausting operations quickly and efficiently.

The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) WingtraOne drone and DroneDeploy together offer a streamlined solution to handling large site operations. The drone collects aerial data over vast areas safely and efficiently, while DroneDeploy offers powerful processing to handle big datasets, fast. DroneDeploy then turns your data into 2D maps or 3D models and hosts your data on its AI-powered cloud platform. Through the platform, this information is then easy to analyze and share with stakeholders.

  • Aerial data collection workflow over large sites with WingtraOne
  • How to optimize data collection time
  • The WingtraOne data processing workflow on DroneDeploy
  • How to leverage DroneDeploy for fast operations
Justina Kostinaite
Head of Marketing @ Wingtra
Matthieu Lefebvre
Sales & Business Development Manager @ Wingtra
Jay Mulakala
Manager, Solutions Engineering @ DroneDeploy

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