[Webinar] Creating high resolution 3D models

WingtraOne GEN II brings a new payload integration to the market—the Oblique Sony ɑ6100. Optimized to map vertical structures, this aerial camera configuration allows you to generate high-resolution 3D meshes with centimeter-level absolute accuracy.

Coupled with Bentley’s Context Capture—strongly recommended software for the creation of digital twins based on 3D mapping—the WingtraOne GEN II and Oblique Sony ɑ6100 bundle is a game-changer for generating high-quality 3D meshes, working with large scale projects, and mapping vertical surfaces and facades.

Discussed in this webinar:
  • Introduction to speakers and the webinar
  • Collecting aerial data over large areas with WingtraOne GEN II
  • The Oblique Sony a6100 and why it’s the primary payload for high-resolution 3D data collection
  • Processing collected data on Bentley’s ContextCapture for project success
  • Live Q&A


Sylvain Lotteau
Product Manager at Bentley Systems
Julian Surber
Product Manager at Wingtra
Pascal Richard
Professional Business Senior Marketing Manager at Sony
Justina Kostinaite
Head of Marketing at Wingtra
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