202311 Roads and highways (construction solutions) webinar web graphics
WEBINAR | recorded session

Wingtra construction conversations | Innovative applications of drones in road and highway construction / maintenance

202311 Roads and highways (construction solutions) webinar web graphics

What this webinar is about

Join us for an enlightening journey into the future of roadway development, where the sky is no longer the limit—quite the opposite! In this webinar, you’ll experience:

  • Real-world applications: See how our drones are reshaping the roads and highways sector by providing solutions to the most common and costly challenges
  • Q&A session: Engage directly with experts, addressing all your queries on drone operations and benefits
  • Upcoming trends: Explore what’s next in drone-aided infrastructure development

Whether you’re in the infrastructure field, intrigued by drone technology or seeking innovative solutions for road projects, this webinar offers invaluable insights.

Julian Mackern
Julian Mackern
Product Manager Wingtra
Sean Nemcsok
Highways Project Manager at Carmack
Carlos Femmer
Director of Data Acquisition at HDR
Alexandeer Craig
Marketing Specialist at Wingtra

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