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WEBINAR | recorded session

Wingtra mining conversations: How Wingtra drones enable precise mapping and analysis for targeted drilling and blasting

202308 Mining webinars web graphics

What this webinar is about

In an age where precision is paramount, the role of drones in the mining industry has only grown in importance. Wingtra, a front-runner in drone technology, takes pride in creating solutions that have enhanced the safety and efficacy of drilling and blasting operations. Join us for an insightful conversation, where industry experts discuss the direct impact of the WingtraOne platform.

Whether you’re a professional in the mining sector, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious, this webinar promises to offer value to everyone.

Julian Mackern
Julian Mackern
Product Manager
William Boyd
Andrew Simms
Michael Maier
Sitech SW
Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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