202306 Propeller RGB61 launch webinar
WEBINAR | recorded session

Wingtra and Propeller discuss RGB61 efficiency via high-intensity case study

202306 Propeller RGB61 launch webinar

What this webinar is about

Let’s delve into the real-world combo of the high-efficiency RGB61 payload plus a productivity-boosting ground control and processing solution. We’ll do this via a discussion with Wingtra customer Alex Lowry, of Brent Scarbrough, who will break down how RGB61 plus the Propeller Aero solution empowers more projects per day and a serious competitive advantage for his employee-owned company.

In this webinar, Wingtra, Propeller and Mr. Lowry will:

  • Discuss real-world applications of the RGB61 camera
  • Explain how this combined solution helps speed up topographical mapping
  • Look at time-savings impact of 40% less data on uploading and processing
  • Demonstrate how the latest Propeller update will maximize your outputs
  • Answer any questions from the audience with an engaging, live Q&A
Alexander Craig
Marketing Specialist
Julian Mackern
Julian Mackern
Product Manager at Wingtra
Jack Nachazel from Propeller
Jack Nachazel
Customer Success Engineer
Alexander Lowry
Drone Operator
Brent Scarbrough & Company, Inc.

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