_wingtraone-GEN II
WEBINAR | recorded session

Meet WingtraOne GEN II, the most advanced VTOL drone yet

After six years in development and more than 100’000 flights, Wingtra is launching WingtraOne GEN II—the next generation of drone reliability and versatility.

_wingtraone-GEN II

What this webinar is about

Featuring: a brand new oblique payload for exceptional 3D map quality; PPK on every drone, including with multispectral payloads; self-diagnosis; fail-safe algorithms; services for dependable operations, and much more …

James Jones, CEO at Droneit Group, one of the first customers to buy a WingtraOne GEN II, will also share his reasons for purchase and fresh experiences about the drone in a short highlight.

  • Introduction to WingtraOne GEN II
  • Deep dive into drone reliability
  • Versatile payload options with a NEW oblique camera leading the way
  • Overview of all new features like remote ID readiness, 2x landing accuracy and more
  • Customer highlight: James Jones, CEO at Droneit Group
  • Live Q&A
Justina Kostinaité
Head of Marketing at Wingtra
Julian Surber
Product Manager at Wingtra
James Jones
CEO at Droneit Group

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