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Wingtra appoints surveying equipment dealer GDi Hungary as official distributor in Hungary

Wingtra, the Swiss drone company that develops the first commercially successful VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone, has signed a reseller agreement with GDi Hungary, an authorised Trimble distribution partner in Hungary.

“The unique, all-in-one solution from the WingtraOne VTOL drone is a new benchmark for surveying efficiency and accuracy that we are eager to share with surveying professionals in Hungary” commented Laszlo Toth, Managing Director at GDi Hungary.

“It is very exciting that Wingtra now have official representation in Hungary. We are pleased that professionals in Hungary will now be able to receive local support and after-sales services through GDi Hungary’s network.”, stated Antonio Živolić, Sales Manager at Wingtra.

Aerial photo taken by a drone in Hungary
Aerial photo from WingtraOne usage in Hungary

WingtraOne takes-off and lands as a multicopter but flies in the air as a fixed wing aircraft. This technology eliminates the risk of damaging the aircraft while landing, lets the drone carry professional sensors (e.g. 40MP Sony RX1RII) and still allows mapping of large areas.

The PPK (post process kinematics) upgrade allows the WingtraOne to reach new level of accuracy. With the highest quality sensors: the Sony RX1RII and state-of-the-art PPK system, WingtraOne reaches accuracy down to 1 cm without any ground control points.

About Wingtra
Wingtra develops, produces and commercializes high precision VTOL drones that collect survey-grade aerial data. Wingtra entered the market in early 2017 and has been selling globally ever since. Recently the company has raised additional $5.8M to meet the demand in 2018 and partnered with biggest surveying, mining and precision agriculture equipment dealers across the globe. Find more information on

About GDi Hungary
GDi Hungary Co. Ltd. was established in 1989 in Budapest, Hungary. The core focus is providing solutions for management of resources, assets and operation in various industries, based on ESRI technology. Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is the world-wide market leader in GIS technology, whose products and services GDi has been successfully distributing since 1989. As a Trimble and ESRI authorized distributor, GDi offers the latest high precision solutions for Survey, Mapping, Monitoring and GeoSpatial support, installation, maintenance and education.

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Wingtra develops, produces and commercializes high precision VTOL drones that collect survey-grade aerial data.

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Read our test setup and results that proves that the WingtraOne drone repeatedly reaches the best-in-class 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute accuracy.

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