Wingtra #DronesForGood discount

Apply for a Wingtra #DronesForGood discount to get 35% off of the WingtraOne GEN II drone wing.*


Wingtra founders were driven by a goal to improve the world with the use of technology.

Now, as a fully grown company, Wingtra aims to support #DronesForGood projects that spark positive developments in environmental or humanitarian fields.

Inspired by the Wingtra Earth Day challenge success, we introduce the Wingtra #DronesForGood discount.

The discount

The Wingtra #DronesForGood discount is primarily designed for universities, NGOs, non-profit organizations and research institutes. It involves 35% off of the WingtraOne drone wing as a main component of the bundle. It helps professionals in environmental and humanitarian fields to gain access to their desired mapping tool more affordably.

*Important to note: the discount only applies to the drone itself. Payloads and Extended Services have to be purchased for a full price.

How does it work?

To apply for the Wingtra #DronesForGood discount, please fill in the form below, mentioning in the comments that you’d like to receive a discount and describing your project.

A Wingtra sales representative will then check if you are eligible for the discount and get back to you with more information about the right bundle configuration for your use case.

If you manage to convince us that your use case is good for the world, you get the discount!

Apply for the discount

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