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Wingtra partners with Continex, Panama

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Continex, Panama. Continex offers the Central American market premium technologies in the field of applications, geospatial equipment and services.  As a VTOL tailsitting professional survey and mapping drone that provides high endurance, efficiency and proven high precision, the WingtraOne is a welcome new option for Continex clients. 

“WingtraOne is not just the best professional VTOL surveying drone, it is a brand we trust that encourages us to continue our efforts not only to meet but also exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Bayardo Herrera, General Manager of Continex.

WingtraOne is a fixed-wing aircraft that takes off and lands like a multicopter. These features reduce the risk of damage to its higher-end cameras and still promote the mapping of large areas. When combined with its highest-end camera–the 40MP Sony RX1RII–the post process kinematics (PPK) upgrade allows WingtraOne to reach levels down to 1 cm (.4 in) absolute accuracy without ground control points.

“Continex is a key partner for Wingtra in Panama,” said Percy Peredes, Wingtra Americas Sales Manager. “They bring a lot of knowledge and experience in GIS, mapping and surveys to the entire country. Customers trust Continex to provide technology and solutions that get their jobs done. We at Wingtra are excited to have them as our main partner in Panama, providing UAV solutions to many mapping applications in mining, agriculture, construction, energy and others.”

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Wingtra develops, produces and commercializes high precision VTOL drones that collect survey-grade aerial data.

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Reaching 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute accuracy

Read our test setup and results that proves that the WingtraOne drone repeatedly reaches the best-in-class 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute accuracy.
  • Sample data from more than 20 flights
  • Accuracy tests setup and results
  • Access raw data of the test

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