Wingtra partners with Leica Geosystems SpA, Italy

Leica representative and WingtraOne drone

High-quality infrastructure is founded on precision, and Leica Geosystems has built a reputation for providing this through a selection of premium products based on Swiss technology. As UAV technology joins the ranks as a vital source of geospatial data across a range of industries, partnering with the Swiss-engineered and made WingtraOne has been a natural step forward.

WingtraOne’s VTOL design, high-end payloads and cutting-edge software align with what Leica customers have grown to expect: advanced high-end solutions. Specifically, the data captured with the WingtraOne is the highest accuracy available for the (broad) coverage, and the aerodynamics and durability of the drone ensures reliable data capture and performance combined with straightforward, easy flying in even the most challenging, rugged conditions.

“WingtraOne stands out in its ability to provide VTOL plus fixed-wing strengths that realize the highest quality and efficiency in data capture, right now,” said Simone Oppici, Reality Capture Manager at Leica Geosystems, Italy. “It’s an advanced solution that will revolutionize the prospects of any business that takes it on for professional surveying and mapping purposes, so we’re excited to bring it to our clients together with all of our solutions.”

Leica Geosystems customers are professionals working across a range of industries, including aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing. They turn to the company with their needs for best-in-class total stations, GNSS reference stations and networks, laser scanners, laser tracking systems, mobile mapping systems, airborne systems, and more. As UAV technology enhances industrial workflows, Leica Geosystems aims to expand its range of solutions offering the latest technology via the high-accuracy WingtraOne professional drone surveying solution.

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