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Wingtra Referral Program

Our goal is to change how the world is surveyed. Every time you share your excitement for Wingtra with a friend or colleague, you can earn a cash reward.

for each demo
for each sale

Get 250 USD for each demo

Demo the WingtraOne to a friend or a colleague from an industry with drone surveying applications.

1. Get a referral code

Register for the Referral program and get your own code. This code will help us track if you are eligible for a cash reward.

2. Demo to a friend or a colleague

Demo the WingtraOne to your friend or colleague in the industry. Make a group picture and post it on your favorite social media account.

3. Claim your reward

Send us the picture, the link and the name of attendees. For each demo you do, we reward you with 250 USD (max. 4x per year)

Claim your reward

Get 500 USD for each sale

For each friend or colleague who buys a drone following the demo, get a an additional 500 USD. Your friend or colleagues benefits also of 500 USD cash reward.

4. Your friend or colleague buys a drone

Your friend or colleague buys and registers the drone at Wingtra with your referral code. Your friend will then automatically get 500 USD cash reward.

5. You are rewarded for the sales

Once your friend or colleague register with your referral code, you will automatically get an additional 500 USD cash reward on top.

Wingtra Referral Program FAQ

In which cases is it NOT possible to claim a reward?

  • The same company / attendees attended a flight demo from Wingtra or a Wingtra distributor or plan to do so
  • The same company / attendees already own a WingtraOne or did own a WingtraOne in the past
  • The company / attendees must work in an industry that uses drone surveying such as mining, surveying, engineering, environmental research or similar. No rewards can be claimed if attendees are from an industry that is not related to drone surveying (for example a friend who works as teacher).
  • When you already claimed 4 demo rewards in the running year, you cannot claim more demo rewards unless Wingtra approves you doing more demos in writing.
  • You work at a distributor, partner or otherwise with Wingtra associated company

What if multiple parties attend one demo?

  • You can only claim one reward.
  • Note that you can only apply for up to 4 demo awards per year. However, if more people attend, you may increase your sales rewards which are uncapped (see also FAQ when you cannot claim a reward).

What if several attendees / companies from the same demo purchase a drone?

  • Each of them is rewarded with 500 USD
  • You are also rewarded 500 USD for each sale. For example if 2 of the 3 attending companies purchase a WingtraOne. You then get 2x USD 500, which is USD 1000 and they each get a reward of USD 500.

What shall I provide to claim a demo reward (250 USD)?

  • Work emails and names of attendees
  • Company name of the attendees
  • Industry of the company
  • A group picture showing the attendees and the WingtraOne
  • A link to a social media page (e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) where you posted the group picture showing the attendees and the WingtraOne
  • The date of the demo
What shall I provide to claim a sale reward (500 USD)?
  • You have to provide your friend or colleague with your personal referral code
  • Your friend has to register their drone on wingtra.com/register
  • They have to enter your referral code in the form

How does the payment work?

  • After your claim is approved, we will send you a virtual credit card.
  • The card will be valid 4 months and then expires. Make sure to use it or transfer the card within that period.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at support@wingtra.com

Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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