Wingtra software release 2.0 brings flight planning to Windows and tablet charging to the field

WingtraPilot and WingtraHub release 2.0
With the WingtraHub/WingtraPilot 2.0 release, customers can now plan WingtraOne flights on a Windows PC. This represents a boost in flight planning efficiency that makes it easier to draft quotes for jobs, collect data and process it in the office. Also available for order with the update is a new field charging kit that enables pilots to push the drone to its large-coverage limits as they collect more data in the field.

“We’re excited because of all of the potential value this update adds to an already exceptional data gathering experience. It’s our number one goal to make things easier and more advantageous for our customers. In this case, they’ll be able to work more efficiently, configure flight plans during the quoting stage and get the data they need, on time and at the highest quality possible.”

The benefits of flight planning on a Windows PC

Thanks to the new planning capability within WingtraHub, customers boost their efficiency by planning in tandem with field work. I.e., they can plan their next projects while a team is out capturing data. Windows planning also holds benefits when bidding for jobs, as being able to quickly plan a flight on a desktop during the negotiation period enables real-time quote adjustments that all stakeholders can agree on.

Logistically, with the 2.0 software update, customers can easily export a complex flight plan designed in WingtraHub, save it to any file sharing system, download it on the tablet, and use it in WingtraPilot. The update also features an overhaul to the planning interface and a more intuitive management system around existing flight plans with search and filter options. 

Field charging for more efficient data collection

WingtraOne sits at the forefront of large-area drone data capture. In fact, customers have come to depend on it for massive projects and are constantly pushing the boundaries to see how much they can map and how fast. Key to this is lasting battery power in the field, both in the flight battery supply and the tablet.

“We listen to our customers and strive to ease their pain points. While we offer the right rugged tablet for outdoor use, batteries only last so long, which forced users to pause their flying to fill the charge. Now, we launch a special adapter to accommodate an external battery along with the telemetry. Together with the additionally provided flight battery charger, this new charging kit helps customers take advantage of a scheduled field day and good weather conditions to map without interruptions.”

Wingtra field charging kit
Note: flight batteries, tablet, and telemetry are not included in the kit.

The new field charging kit features a power bank and USB-C splitter to charge the tablet during missions. It also includes an in-field charger that can be powered from a car battery. All of this brings a new level of ease and convenience to big mapping missions. The field charging kit is now available, and Wingtra strongly recommends that all customers who map large sites reach out to their local distributors for a quote.

All of these latest improvements reflect customer needs and are based on direct feedback that the Wingtra team takes into constant consideration. The Windows planning feature and field charging capabilities build on Wingtra’s consistent aim to make the WingtraOne experience the most user-friendly, reliable and efficient one on the market for large-area mapping and high-accuracy data collection with a drone. 

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