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Scale your mapping operations with ease

Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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Introducing WingtraCLOUD

Imagine moving from mission planning to insight sharing—effortlessly and flawlessly—all in one intuitive platform.
project and site setup

Sites setup

Share flight plans and data across sites and devices
Flight planning

Flight planning

Easily plan flights in complex or changing environments
Data collection

Data capture

Easy, reliable capture with the WingtraOne drone
Data geotagging


Error-free geotagging and coordinate transformation
Coming 2025
Sharing and integrations


Seamless use with analytics and fleet management tools

Tighter collaboration

Sync projects in real time across devices and locations, for tighter project coordination based on clear communication.

WingtraCLOUD teamwork

Cloud synchronization

Cloud Synchronization
Sync flights

No more outdated versions. Keep your team aligned and looking at the same flight plans and project data across devices and locations.

Digital site management

Digital site management
Set up digital sites with related files for an effortless overview of site progress and completion for all stakeholders.

Increased productivity

Faster progress with less hassle. WingtraCLOUD equips you to handle the most complex and dynamic mapping missions with ease. From the shifting landscapes of mining pits to the evolving needs of construction zones, plan your flights efficiently and safely.

Plan complex terrain with a 3D view

No matter how complex the site, our intuitive 3D flight planning tool allows for efficient and precise mission planning, ensuring safe data collection.

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Simplified planning on up-to-date terrain

Simplified mapping on up-to-date terrain
Import dxf and kml files
Directly import background terrain for simplified planning on large or fast changing sites.

Instantly assess safety and obstacles

Layer 3D buildings
add 3d building layer
Layer of 3D buildings and improved elevation graph, aiding in obstacle avoidance and making your missions safer.

Simplified mapping

No big learning curves—WingtraCLOUD is designed to be as straightforward as possible so your team can start using it from day one.

CRS transformations

Set output coordinate system specifications to automatically transform coordinates for over 7000 published coordinate systems.

Base and checkpoint setup

Base and checkpoints
Add checkpoints

Instantly see input errors thanks to intuitive map view when setting up checkpoints or a base station.

Visual flight quality feedback

Visual quality feedback
Intuitively check and optimize data collection accuracy via colorized flight trajectory (GSD and height) on your flight plans.

How you benefit

Surveyors and drone pilots

Fly with confidence, deliver with certainty

WingtraCLOUD streamlines planning and flying, making each mission more efficient and safe, thanks to a straightforward and intuitive user interface and workflow.

GIS and engineering professionals

Ground your projects in accuracy

Ensure your data precisely  reflects what’s on-the-ground and let WingtraCLOUD keep everyone synced for streamlined decision-making and tighter team collaboration. 

Managers and leaders

Scale operations to boost productivity and margins

WingtraCLOUD offers clear oversight and seamless integration, facilitating fast adoption across your organization for smoother, more cost-effective operations and organic scaling. 

Why experts choose WingtraCLOUD

Lucas Veteto
UAS & Survey Technician at DJ&A, P.C.
The biggest thing we’ve seen is that WingtraCLOUD takes out applications. Instead of going through three or four, we are down to one or two. So this makes it easier to map larger areas. Wingtra has gone to great lengths to shorten the workflow time.
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Accessibility and ROI

WingtraCLOUD makes drone mapping operations scalable by simplifying workflows, enabling even those who lack extensive training to effectively collect, manage and analyze drone data with confidence.

It enhances collaboration, allowing remote teams to oversee flight plans and outputs easily.

This accessibility and oversight means you can expand drone use across your organization effectively and efficiently, minimizing overhead around data and maximizing the value of your investment well beyond its cost.


WingtraCLOUD is designed for integration with your existing business tools. Seamless integrations ensure that its adoption simplifies your workflows without disrupting your established systems.

Tailored features

WingtraCLOUD is developed with our customers’ needs at the forefront. Our roadmap is directly shaped by user feedback, ensuring each feature addresses real-world challenges.

We focus on specific use cases, allowing users to enhance productivity and gain deeper insights from their operations. This customer-driven approach ensures WingtraCLOUD evolves continually to meet professional mapping demands.

Integration and reliability

WingtraCLOUD is deeply integrated with WingtraOne GEN II, the most reliable mapping drone on the market. This ensures you can deliver high-quality, reliable data more often.

Team collaboration

WingtraCLOUD is developed to keep all stakeholders connected to relevant project points in real time.

Through features like cloud synchronization and digital site management, WingtraCLOUD ensures that everyone on your team is aligned and informed, enhancing project outcomes.

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All features

WingtraCloud features on computer and tablet

Project and site setup

Cloud synchronization

Synchronization of flight plans and project data across devices and locations to prevent data silos.

Digital site management

Digital sites with related files, giving all stakeholders an effortless overview of mission progress and completion.

Cloud collaboration

Collaborate on projects and share mission data across your entire team with unlimited user invites.

Flight planning

3D flight planning

Intuitive 3D flight planning enables efficient, precise and safe data collection.

Custom background and elevation data

Directly import background terrain for simplified planning on large or fast-changing sites.

3D building layer

3D buildings layer enables obstacle avoidance and safer missions.

Visual flight quality feedback

Colorized flight trajectory (GSD and height) provides instant visual guidance so you can adjust areas for the best accuracy and safety practices.

Import DXF, KML and GeoJSON

Direct import and overlay of DXF, KML and GeoJSON files across devices from your GIS and CAD tools.

Improved elevation graph

Interactive elevation graph displays flight height above the ground and GSD to easily check for ground clearance, flight plan safety and accuracy.
Coming 2025


Predict visual line of sight for regulatory compliance.

Measurement tool

Intuitively measure distances from flight trajectory to terrain and buildings for safer missions.

Flight plan review

Ensure consistent review and approval between office and site by attaching notes and comments to flight plans.

Data capture

Simple and reliable data capture with the WingtraOne drone.

Data geotagging

CRS transformations

Set output coordinate system specifications to automatically transform coordinates for over 7000 published coordinate systems.

Local coordinate system support

Create custom local coordinate systems via 7-parameter transformation.

Geoid support

Set your vertical coordinate reference systems between ellipsoidal height and orthometric height— more than 50 geoids supported.

Improved base location editor

Conveniently set up your base with over 880 antennas supported; save base location for frequently-flown projects.

Import coordinates systems

Import coordinate systems using .wkt and .wkt2 files.

Base and checkpoint setup

Instantly see input errors thanks to intuitive map view when setting up checkpoints and base stations.

Multi-seat PPK geotagging

Cloud-based geotagging enables all users across multiple devices in the same organization to geotag.

Multi-constellation geotagging

Geotag with signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou constellations for improved positioning accuracy.
Coming 2025

Sharing and integrations

Sharing and integrations with popular analytics and fleet management software.
Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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