WingtraOne is now fully compatible with the Propeller PPK solution

Propeller Aero and WingtraOne

Propeller and Wingtra have joined forces to make large-area, high-accuracy mapping easier than ever. Specifically, customers now have the option of using AeroPoints—smart GCPs—as ground control, which speeds up and simplifies flight setup while offering peace of mind that data will come out as accurate as possible. 

This is especially great news for WingtraOne users working in the fields of construction, waste management, mining and aggregates, which Propeller specializes in. 

“We are constantly looking at ways to reduce customer pain points in the field so they can actually enjoy the process and focus on the huge benefits drone data offers their workflows,” said Julian Surber, Product Manager at Wingtra. “Partnering with Propeller is right in step with this plan since AeroPoints remove several key points of human error and streamline ground control overall.” 

This partnership happens just at the right time, when professionals across industries, featuring large worksites, are switching to VTOL.

“A lot of my customers in Arizona are flying massive mines, very large railway projects, and large sites in general, and they’re all getting into the VTOL space,” said Jack Nachazel, Customer Success Engineer at Propeller Aero. “So the more people who go to this workflow, the quicker the turnaround time for everyone involved.”

Propeller AeroPoints rely on wi-fi connectivity and built-in GPS to deliver high-accuracy location data for ground control across a flight zone. A flexible solution, they can serve as a base station, check point or ground control point without the data inputting. Simply switch them on.

Propeller Aero on laptop, desktop and phone
Propeller Platform enables effective collaboration by allowing unlimited users within a company to access data sets from a range of devices.

“With a base station, you can get an offset error, or mistype the pole height,” Nachazel said. “There’s just a lot more input in order to get your geotags correct. Whereas with an AeroPoint, you place it on the ground, switch it on, and it’s your base for your entire flight.”

Beyond this, Propeller PPK simplifies post processing via a simple drag-and-drop upload model. After flights, customers simply upload their AeroPoint controlled data to the Propeller Platform, and within 24 hours it has been geotagged and checked to guarantee a maximum of 3 cm (1.2 in) location accuracy. The data is then ready to analyze with specialized analytic tools and can be shared with an unlimited number of stakeholders. All of this plus a dedicated customer success and support team available 24/7 for unlimited support and training assistance.

“We’re excited to bring our customers this solution, which will doubtless save them time, money, frustration and learning curves,” said Surber. “Not only will they be able to say yes to more jobs due to the speed at which they process data, but now they’ll enjoy improved workflows based on higher levels of collaboration on real-time, accurate information.” 


WingtraOne and Propeller: how to deliver smarter drone surveys for construction and earthworks

In this webinar we will discuss how to get the most out of both platforms combined:

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