How it Works

3 Steps to High Quality Images



Intuitive and easy mission planning with the WingtraPilot


Fully autonomous:
No piloting skills needed

VTOL: Take off and land vertically everywhere




High-quality geotagged images right after the flight

Images compatible with any aerial data analysis software

WingtraOne Workflow

Take out and place

Take the WingtraOne out of its sleeve – which is also a backpack.

Attach the middle stand and place the drone on the ground, just right where you are.

Plan the mission

Plan your survey flight on the tablet. Our intelligent flight planning software, WingtraPilot, allows easy, intuitive handling.

The smart checklist guides you through the final steps, and even makes sure you don’t forget to take off the lid from the lens!


Flight time up to 55min
Forget having to hand launch your airplane or using catapults – just hit go and let the WingtraOne start its fully autonomous flight.

The WingtraOne takes off vertically like a helicopter. Then it transitions into forward flight and flies as efficiently as an airplane to gather your aerial data. Watch it capture your site without worrying about flying it yourself or replacing batteries for an hour.


After completing your survey
Once it has finished data collection, the WingtraOne transitions back into a vertical position and hovers down to land on spot.


Right after your flight
The geotagged images are compatible with your favorite mapping software. Make your high-resolution images actionable right after the flight.


High-quality images for actionable data

  • Orthophotos
  • 3D maps
  • Point Clouds
  • NDVI maps
  • and many more

The best drone for surveying, agriculture, forestry and linear infrastructure


Mapping, Mining, Volume Measurements, Stockpile Management, Feasibility Studies, Regulatory Compliance


Precision Farming, Fertilizer Deduction, Plant Counting, Planting Gaps, Weeds Map


Vegetation Health Analysis, Storm Damage Assessment, Bush Fire Detection, Regulatory Compliance

Linear Infrastructure

Vegetation Control, Damage Detection, Construction Progress, Elevation Maps, Insurance Cases, Regulatory Compliance


Testimonial of Wingtra by Reto Weiss,, Switzerland

“The WingtraOne flies just perfectly!”

“It is a well-developed product and comes with great support – a big thanks to the Wingtra-Team for making mapping so easy.”

Reto Weiss,, Switzerland

Testimonial of Wingtra by René Gerrits,, Germany

“The WingtraOne is so easy to use – even without flight training.”

“Its usability and high quality images makes our work in nature reserves most efficient.”

René Gerrits,, Germany

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Bird monitoring with Wingtra
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