Construction drone flying over a construction site
Win more bids, hit every deadline, and keep budgets tight by capturing better data. Speed up and sharpen your decision-making at each step of your construction projects.

A single mapping solution for all your jobs

Efficient mapping

Large or small, cover your site in a single flight and view the data within hours. Slash labor costs, and get the job done on or ahead of time thanks to more frequent insights.  

Better insights

Process your data on software you already use and love with less hassle and fewer errors. Make smarter decisions with same-day data capture-to-output turnaround. 

Peace of mind

Fly in strong winds and map the most rugged sites reliably. Build your projects on high-accuracy data on-demand and without reflight headaches. 

Easy integration

Our user-friendly platform means you spend less time learning and more time doing. Perfect for any skill level.


Recommended solution

This optimal bundle meets the comprehensive needs of construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring precision, efficiency, and scalability.
Efficiently and reliably collect accurate survey data with the user-friendly WingtraOne drone.
Achieve precise measurements for cut-and-fill calculations and topographic surveys.
Enhance project management with seamless mission planning and collaboration.
Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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