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WingtraOne is an easy-to-use drone that delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster and at a lower cost than other surveying tools.

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Trusted by hundreds of organizations to tackle their mapping needs


Do a lot of work in a short time

With WingtraOne you get your data much faster than with other tools, even for large areas.

Get high-accuracy data every time

Thanks to years of continuous improvements, the WingtraOne drone consistently delivers data of high resolution and accuracy.

A drone that's easy to use

WingtraOne’s simplified workflow and intuitive system allows surveyors with little to no drone flight experience to fly with confidence after minimal training.

Scale your mapping operations with ease

Combine the coverage, precision, and ease-of use of WingtraOne with the advanced capabilities of WingtraCLOUD. Together, they simplify your mapping workflow on a single, intuitive platform.

Tighter collaboration

Sync projects in real time across devices and locations.

Increased productivity

Efficiently and safely plan flights, even across complex terrains

Simplified mapping

Enable your team to hit the ground from day one thanks to an intuitive interface.

Solutions in your industry

Find out more about how surveying professionals in your industry have used the WingtraOne to improve decisions and reduce costs.

The WingtraOne is a trusted choice among surveying professionals

Kwasi Perry
Kwasi PerryFounder of UAV Survey LLC
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The WingtraOne is without doubt one of the premier if not only fully integrated Ready To Fly professional VTOL drone on the market.
Mikkel Myrup
Mikkel MyrupArctic Drone Mapping Solutions
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Nuuk Airport, Greenland. -5C and 8 m/s, flawless WingtraOne performance.

To be continued...
#wingtraone #nunamaps #nuuk2200 #kair #mittarfeqarfiit
Mehman Bagirov
Mehman Bagirov UAV Team Leader at AT-Geotech
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Before takeoff, the weather was without wind, but during landing, the wind rose sharply with steam at a speed of 8-9 m / s, despite this, the landing was successful, that's why I love this drone. Conclusion: this is the most reliable drone.
  Ogechukwu Cynthia Okeke
Ogechukwu Cynthia OkekeSurveyor || Photogrammetrist || Geospatial Analyst
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Using WingtraOne drone and Micasense Rededge camera to cover over 200 hectares in a couple of hours. It is the best VTOL mapping drone for #Surveying and #PrecisionFarming.
Daniel Green
Daniel GreenManaging Director at The Black Arrows - UK PfCO CAA Approved UAS/Drone Operator
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Using the WingtraOne VTOL drone to 3D capture 200ha of land for a solar farm project in Wales. Using 3D mapping to save clients significant budget and time, with almost nil impact on site operations.
AtkinsEngineering and project management consultancy
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We completed a 1km drone survey of the sea wall and rock defences for a railway line. We flew the entire site in under 15 minutes - avoiding scheduled trains, capturing maximum exposed beach and removing the need to clamber over rocks.
Juniper Unmanned
Juniper Unmanned Industry Leading Aerial Analytics
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We recently acquired the Wingtra #WingtraOne VTOL aircraft and have been putting it to use for high-precision aerial surveys throughout the country. To say we are impressed with the ease of use and results is an understatement!
STAEREARemote sensing services
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#WingtraOne - No limits.

Anywhere & anytime.

Landing between rows of tangerines 220Ha covered in 37 minutes with GSD 2.5cm/px.
Tom Cerchiara, PLS
Tom Cerchiara, PLSSurveyor, Drone Mapper, Amateur XR Developer
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The Wingtra is one of the best drones I have ever used. Incredibly reliable and produces amazing data. They have excellent support for the rare occasions you need it. You're going to like this system!
Peter Miller
Peter MillerUnmanned system specialist
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An excellent aircraft. Hoping to get a 2nd one this year.
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Surveyors cut project times and reduce costs

Faster data collection and expanded coverage means fewer people in the field for less time. This lowers the man-hour costs associated with data collection.

WingtraOne compared to other drones

Explore in-depth reviews of WingtraOne measured against some of the best drones providing photogrammetry and LIDAR data.

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See the WingtraOne in action

Experience the WingtraOne GEN II in action from the comfort of your office chair.

What's included in the bundle?

Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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