Fly like an airplane, take off and land like a helicopter.

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Wingtra VTOL aerial robot flying over field

Easy to Use

  • Fully autonomous missions from take-off to landing – no piloting skills required
  • Vertical take-off – no hand launch, no catapult needed
  • Land vertically on the spot – no more belly landings, no nets to catch it, no parachutes needed
  • Intuitive mission planning on tablet and laptop with WingtraPilot

Fly everywhere

  • Take off and land in difficult terrain such as confined spaces (e.g. forests), hilly terrain and rocky grounds (e.g. open-pit mines)
  • Vertical landing where you want it – save time instead of searching for appropriate landing sites
  • Next generation of fixed wings – accomplish missions you couldn’t do before

Exchange Payloads

  • Attach any payload with a weight of up to 800g
  • Already integrated sensors: Sony QX1 (RGB), Micasense Rededge (multispectral)
  • Option to integrate high precision GNSS (PPK)

Cover more

  • Cover 10 times more area than with a multirotor
  • 300ha+ coverage at 3cm/px ground sampling distance
Wingtra VTOL aerial robot landing in woods

1. Plan your mission with the WingtraPilot

Mission planning has never been easier. Using the intuitive touch interface, you simply highlight the area you want to map and WingtraPilot automatically calculates the optimal flight path. Throughout the flight, you can monitor your WingtraOne in real time.

2. Take off vertically

Launching the aircraft is very simple. You don’t need to throw the aircraft or set up a catapult in advance. Simply remove your WingtraOne from the lightweight, yet rugged, backpack, place it on the ground and confirm the take-off on the tablet. Then just watch it take off to a fully autonomous surveying mission.

3. Land fully autonomously

Landing is as easy as taking off and is also done fully automated. The landing is done vertically at GPS accuracy, even in confined areas. Thanks to the smooth descent your sensors don’t run the risk of getting damaged in a belly landing. Vegetation, rocky ground and hilly terrain will not hinder you from selecting your landing spot.

4. Get the data out

The geotagged images are saved on the sd card of your sensor and are ready to get processed. This way you can transfer even large amounts of data easily onto your computer. Our data output is compatible with all mapping software, allowing you to rely on the one that best serves your needs.

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“CeBIT 2016: Wingtra Wants To Be Your Hybrid Drone”
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Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe:

“30 Under 30 Europe: Maximilian Boosfeld, Basil Weibel, and Elias Kleimann cofounded Wingtra, which developed a convertible aerial robot that takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like a plane.” Read article

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