Professional VTOL fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying

Capture highly accurate aerial data—fast and for large projects

The WingtraOne is a professional VTOL fixed-wing drone used by geospatial specialists and industry workers around the world to map large areas with unprecedented image quality and accuracy. All of this now happens up to 80 percent faster than using multirotors or terrestrial surveying methods.

Professional VTOL fixed-wing drone mapping a forest
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Professionals from various industries use WingtraOne in their day-to-day work. Find out how you can boost your surveying operations.

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Latest news and drone know-how

wingtraone and dji phantom 4 drone comparison
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DJI Phantom 4 RTK vs. WingtraOne

In this article we compare the DJI Phantom 4 RTK and the WingtraOne drone for surveying applications. Read our in-depth review including image quality tests, coverage results, usability and detailed specifications.

Wingtra vs Quantix drone VTOL
Drone know-how

Quantix vs. WingtraOne

The WingtraOne from Wingtra and the Quantix are the two most advanced professional VTOL drones. This is the ultimate comparison of image quality, usability and specs.

wingtraone vs ebee x - which is a better drone for surveying?
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eBee X vs. WingtraOne

In this article, we compare two popular mapping drone – Sensefly eBee X and the WingtraOne. Discover specs, image quality tests and coverage results.


Stephanie Lambert Wingtra
Stephanie Lambert
Head of Direct Sales at Wingtra
Josh Haga pix4D
Joshua Haga
Technical Sales Engineer at Pix4D
Aaron Fischer
Aaron Fischer
Technology Project Manager at Idaho Forest Group
Ryan Jones
Logyard Lead at Idaho Forest Group

ROI case study

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How Idaho Forest Group cut stockpile measurement time by 80%

  • Learn how IDAHO Forest Group successfully cut stockpile measurement time by 80%
  • Understand how stockpile volume measurement is done efficiently with WingtraOne and Pix4D
  • Talk directly to our customers. Aaron and Ryan from IDAHO Forest Group will be present in the webinar and will share their experiences in a live interview