Aerial data collection made easy

The WingtraOne simplifies how aerial data is collected. Our vertical take-off drone is as easy to use as a multicopter and offers the superior flight capability of a fixed-wing aircraft regarding range and speed. It is fully autonomous and can be equipped with various high-end sensors. Check out the technical specifications and get your quote today.

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Wingtra VTOL aerial robot flying over field

Why the WingtraOne?

Easy to Use

  • Fully autonomous missions from take-off to landing – no piloting skills required
  • Vertical take-off – no hand launch, no catapult needed
  • Land vertically on the spot – no more belly landings, no nets to catch it, no parachutes needed
  • Intuitive mission planning on tablet and laptop with WingtraPilot

Fly everywhere

  • Take off and land in difficult terrain such as confined spaces (e.g. forests), hilly terrain and rocky grounds (e.g. open-pit mines)
  • Vertical landing where you want it – save time instead of searching for appropriate landing sites
  • Next generation of fixed wings – accomplish missions you couldn’t do before

Choose your sensor

  • The WingtraOne can carry any sensor with a weight of up to 800g
  • Already integrated sensors: Sony QX1 (RGB), Sony RX1RII (high-end RGB), Micasense RedEdge (5 band multispectral)
  • Option to integrate high precision GNSS (PPK)

Cover more

  • Cover 10 times more area than with a multirotor
  • 300ha+ coverage at 3cm/px ground sampling distance (Sony QX1 / 16mm lens)


“The WingtraOne flies just perfectly!”

“It is a well-developed product and comes with great support – a big thanks to the Wingtra-Team for making mapping so easy.”
Reto Weiss,, Switzerland

IEEE Spectrum:

“CeBIT 2016: Wingtra Wants To Be Your Hybrid Drone”
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Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe:

“30 Under 30 Europe: Maximilian Boosfeld, Basil Weibel, and Elias Kleimann cofounded Wingtra, which developed a convertible aerial robot that takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like a plane.” Read article

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“Mit vielen Vorschusslorbeeren überschüttet, macht sich die Zürcher Firma Wingtra nun daran, einen innovativen Flugroboter in Serie zu fertigen.” Read article (German)