Wingtra - VTOL mapping drone for surveying applications

Conduct high-precision aerial surveys—fast and for large projects

The WingtraOne is a VTOL mapping drone used by geospatial specialists and industry professionals to capture aerial images for Surveying and GIS, Mining, Construction, Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring applications.

The WingtraOne offers both the convenience of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and the endurance of a fixed-wing drone able to survey mid-to-large scale projects.

Thanks to its hybrid VTOL design and high-resolution cameras (up to 42MP), WingtraOne provides aerial surveys of unparalleled image quality and accuracy. Add to this survey times up to 80% faster than ground methods or quadcopter drones.

VTOL mapping drone WingtraOne flying over a forest
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Used by professionals around the world

Trusted by surveying equipment specialists

WingtraOne VTOL mapping drone flying like a fixed-wing over a mine


Mapping drone for fast aerial surveys across wide or hard-to-reach areas

Flight mapping software on tablet


Intuitive flight planning software for fully-autonomous surveying flights

Camera in surveying drone


Best-in-class mapping cameras, such as the Sony 42 MP full-frame for the highest resolution and accuracy

Drone applications and case studies

Explore applications in your industry

Drones can improve decisions, reduce costs and risks, and improve returns on investment in many mapping and surveying applications. Find out how professionals around the world have leveraged this technology in their industry.

Surveying & GIS

Surveying with a drone can reduce the costs and hours of work associated with data capture and enable surveys of large or hard-to-reach areas to be carried out with high resolution and accuracy.

Surveying with a drone

Mining and aggregates

From highly accurate stockpile measurement to regulatory compliance, using drones in mining can deliver significant added value while increasing worker’s safety on site.

Using drones in mines and quarries

Construction and infrastructure

Drones help to map large or unreachable areas for pre-built evaluation. They also decrease costs and allow multiple surveys over time to monitor construction progress.

Drones in construction and infrastructure

Environmental monitoring

Environmentalists and researchers rely on commercial drones to follow wildlife easily and quickly, and to keep track of land changes in the environment without the need for low-resolution satellite imagery or costly manned aircraft.


Use of drones in agriculture helps farmers and researchers perform advanced scouting in less time and detect diseases sometimes even before they are visible on the ground.

Eight reasons for surveying with WingtraOne

Why Wingtra?

Drone manufacturer company

About Wingtra

Founded in 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland, Wingtra is the world’s leading manufacturer of VTOL drones for mapping and surveying. Wingtra has grown globally with a distribution network in more than 50 countries where drones are currently in operation. Today, Wingtra is home to more than 80 Wingtranauts, including geospatial specialists and 30+ engineers focused on R&D.

VTOL vs. fixed-wing vs. quadcopter

In these in-depth reviews, WingtraOne is benchmarked against some of the best drones for photogrammetry, from fixed-wing mapping drones to quadcopters. Read image quality tests that cover results, usability and detailed specifications.

wingtraone and dji phantom 4 drone comparison

DJI Phantom 4 RTK vs. WingtraOne

In this article we compare the DJI Phantom 4 RTK and the WingtraOne drone for surveying applications. Read our in-depth review including image quality tests, coverage results, usability and detailed specifications.

wingtraone vs ebee x - which is a better drone for surveying?

eBee X vs. WingtraOne

In this article, we compare two popular mapping drone – Sensefly eBee X and the WingtraOne. Discover specs, image quality tests and coverage results.

Wingtra vs Quantix drone VTOL

Quantix vs. WingtraOne

The WingtraOne from Wingtra and the Quantix are the two most advanced professional VTOL drones. This is the ultimate comparison of image quality, usability and specs.

Product releases

Wingtra regularly introduces new mapping features, more payload options, enhanced flight and landing operations and deeper integrations with photogrammetry software providers.

wingtra pix4dmatic

Wingtra and Pix4Dmatic integration brings 2x faster orthomosaic and point cloud generation

Wingtra’s recent WingtraHub 1.0 release has launched to fully support a lean workflow between the WingtraOne drone and Pix4Dmatic, a fresh Pix4D product for reliable speedy processing of large datasets. This integration is especially key since Wingtra’s VTOL drone is designed to map large sites fast and safely while providing the best possible data quality. The high-quality datasets that result can now be processed into point clouds and orthomosaics at twice the speed on average with Pix4Dmatic.

Drone mapping know-how

Mapping drones can collect data fast over large areas and provide high-resolution and accuracy outcomes previously only possible with terrestrial measurement devices. Learn how to achieve the best results in your aerial surveys.

Coverage and labor costs calculator for drone surveying

See how much time and labor costs you’d save when switching to drone surveying with WingtraOne compared to other drones and to terrestrial surveying methods.

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