WingtraOne VTOL drone by Wingtra

Aerial Data for Professional Mapping and Surveying

Meet the WingtraOne: a professional drone that simplifies mapping and surveying through easy and smart aerial data collection.

Thanks to its unique design, the WingtraOne is as easy to use as an agile multicopter with the long range and speed of a high endurance fixed-wing airplane. Its smart navigation software, WingtraPilot, allows you to intuitively plan your survey flight. It can be customized with various high-end cameras to capture high-resolution aerial images to generate accurate orthomosaics and 3D models. The WingtraOne is equipped with the best components, giving you a professional drone that is particularly robust and efficient.

5 Reasons to Buy the WingtraOne

Greater Coverage

Ease of Use

High-End Images



3 Steps to High Quality Images

Wingtra flight planning software


Intuitive survey planning with the WingtraPilot


Wingtra drone in autonomous flight


Fully autonomous: No piloting skills needed

VTOL: Vertical take-off and landing anywhere


Wingtra image procession


High-quality geotagged images right after the flight

Images compatible with any aerial data analysis software